6 Ways To Maintain Asphalt Paving


Asphalt is a very commonly used material for road surfacing and parking lots. It is also an appropriate material to use in home driveways and private yards, as it is durable and affordable. However, asphalt pavement requires regular maintenance and upkeep, or else it can easily crack. This article discusses six tips on how to maintain asphalt paving effectively.

1. Sealing

Proper sealing is essential once your asphalt paving has had time to settle. Make sure the weather forecast is dry for several days before you seal your asphalt as rain will affect how effective sealing is on your driveway or car park. Have a professional apply hot liquid bitumen to ensure an even coating.

2. Overlaying

You should consider over-layering when your asphalt paving begins to look patchy or has developed too many potholes. It is important not to overlay before the existing surface has deteriorated. It is best to have a professional do this for you, as they will know which method and thickness of asphalt are most suitable.

3. Fillers

There are many different types of filler available for you when filling holes in your asphalt paving, some more effective than others depending on how much damage needs filled (and at what depth). A professional will be able to advise you on what kind of filler would suit your needs and budget. If the damage is particularly severe, then replacement may be required instead of just filling with filler.

4. Scarifying

This is a form of maintenance that should be performed annually. It is done using equipment to remove small sections from around your asphalt paving and then re-compacting will help prevent water penetration and eventually cracking, potholes, and other issues related to damage done by water. This process can also significantly extend the life of your driveway or car park.

5. Sealing Again

Even if you have just had your asphalt paving sealed it needs maintenance every few years as sealant breaks down over time due to weather, traffic, etc. Applying new sealant after scarifying will renew protection so don't neglect this essential step.

6. Clean Out Stray Debris Immediately

Even small bits of debris on roads can cause major damage to asphalt pavement. It is important that you remove gravels and rocks from your pavements before they wear out your surface. This might sound like a difficult job, but there are things that every homeowner can do around their home without any prior experience. For example, you can sweep organic debris from your driveways using a stiff broom, or use leaf blowers to blow away light materials such as dust and grass clippings.

Your asphalt paving will last longer and require less maintenance if it is properly designed during construction. To ensure this happens, make sure only experienced professionals design your asphalt paving.

For more information on asphalt paving, contact a company near you.


28 January 2022

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