Which Commercial Asphalt Paving Problems Need Repairs?


Commercial asphalt paved surfaces are common sights on commercial properties, driveways, and parking lots. Keeping commercial asphalt paving in good shape is important to ensure a safe and smooth surface for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. They could be tenants or clients. It also makes the property retain good appeal. However, commercial asphalt paving requires repair and maintenance from time to time. In addition, it fixes problems from weather exposure and traffic loads. Which problems need commercial asphalt paving services to fix?

1. Alligator Cracks 

Alligator cracks are the most common problems with commercial asphalt paving. The cracks are caused by shrinkage and expansion from cold and warm temperatures. The cracks are very small at first, but they could grow bigger if left unattended. 

Alligator cracks are formed when the pavement beneath the surface is weak or broken. The cracks are so-called because they resemble an alligator's skin. A paving contractor can do asphalt resurfacing to remedy this problem.

2. Potholes and Ruts      

Potholes form when water seeps into the pavement from poor drainage through a crack. It then freezes during cold weather and creates a hole. The water then drains out of the hole, leaving behind a pothole. Potholes are usually found on flat surfaces because there is no slope to direct the water away from the area. 

On the other hand, ruts are caused by large vehicles that repeatedly drive over one spot. It causes the asphalt pavement to crack and break, forming small depressions or ruts. Potholes and ruts are repaired with asphalt removal and replacement. 

3. Raveling      

Raveling is another common problem with commercial asphalt paving. It is caused by traffic that drives over the same spot repeatedly. The constant traffic causes the pavement gravel to crack and break away. If there are no timely repairs, the raveling develops until it becomes a pothole or rut. Raveling is often found on the edges of the pavement. This problem is remedied with asphalt patching.

4. Faded Patches     

Fading is usually caused by harsh chemicals like mineral oils and car battery acid corrosion. The faded patches are also found in areas that often get water pools. The faded patches are also weak areas because of the weakened waterproofing. These spots are often vulnerable to cracking and potholes. This problem is usually fixed by seal coating to restore waterproofing and color. 

Keeping your asphalt paved surfaces in good shape maintains your property's value and keeps them looking good. Contact commercial asphalt paving services to fix various asphalt pavement problems.  


7 March 2022

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