4 Signs Your Parking Lot Needs To Be Repaved


The state of your parking lot impacts the curb appeal of your business and the safety of your customers. Damage can degrade the look of your business and potentially put your customers at increased risk of tripping or falling. To protect your business, you need to repave your parking lot as needed. Here are four signs that it's time to call the repaving company. 

Crumbling asphalt around drains

Near storm drains is one of the first places you're likely to notice damage in a parking lot. If you see crumbling asphalt or cracks in these areas, contact a re-paving contractor. They may be able to spot fix the pavement near the drains. 

To minimize this risk in the future, make sure the drains stay clean so that the storm water can drain easily. Keep an eye out for standing water. That is a sign that your drains aren't working properly and you may have damage in the future. 

Buckling or potholes

Watch out for buckling or potholes throughout your parking lot. This pavement damage usually occurs due to the freeze-and-thaw cycle. Small cracks inevitably form in the pavement over time. Water seeps into the cracks, and if it freezes, it widens the cracks. This process happens repeatedly until the cracks create buckles or potholes. 

If you see these issues, call a repaving contractor. To take a proactive stance against them, don't let cracks get out of control. See if the paving company can fix cracks on a regular basis or reseal the pavement. 

Snowplow damage

After big snowfalls have melted, look around the parking lot to see if the snowplows have caused any damage. Typically, you may see scrapes along curbs or other areas where the pavement is a different height than the surrounding area. 

You may want to talk with your snowplow company about how to handle damage. In some cases, you may assume liability for damages caused by snowplow drivers. In other cases, the plowing company may be able to reimburse you for damage caused by their drivers.  

Sun damage

When you first get your parking lot paved, it should look dark black and a little shiny. Over time the shine will dull due to traffic, oils, and sun damage. If you see dull spots throughout the parking lot, consider contacting a repaving company. 

Another sign of sun damage is faded paint. This is an early sign so you may not need repaving yet. A parking lot paving contractor can help you with resealing so that you can keep your pavement in good shape for as long as possible. 


9 March 2022

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