5 Ways A Commercial Paving Contractor Can Improve Your Parking Lot


The paved surfaces on your property say much about your brand. A potential client met by the sight of a faded and cracked driveway starts to doubt the brand's credibility right away. On the other hand, well-kept paved surfaces form a strong positive impression on your visitors, and you are more likely to convince them. As such, a paving contractor plays a pivotal role in maintaining a good face of the brand. Besides, the well-kept paved surfaces help avoid trouble by ensuring visitors are not hurt on your premises. Here are several ways a paving contractor can spruce up your paved surfaces:

1. Repairing Cracks and Potholes 

Repairing cracks and potholes are the most obvious way a paving contractor can maintain the attractiveness of your premises. Asphalt cracks and potholes are common issues that need to be dealt with to maintain a good impression on visitors. 

Such issues are especially common on parking lots designed to accommodate vehicles of different weights. Paving contractors can deal with such issues by sealing off cracks and filling up potholes with asphalt. 

2. Sealcoating 

A sealcoat is a thin layer of asphalt applied to an existing paved surface. The purpose of sealcoating is to prevent water from seeping through the pavement and into the pavement's understructure. Sealcoating can be done by paving contractors regularly to ensure that your parking lot does not develop cracks and potholes. 

3. Asphalt Repaving 

Asphalt repaving involves completely removing the existing surface and paving it again with new asphalt. A pavement contractor can add different waterproofing sealants for a more durable surface. A repaving project will also entail repairing cracks and potholes and adding new markings on the parking lot. 

4. Marking Directions 

Paved surfaces are used for various purposes and require different markings. Paved surfaces can be used for parking, loading and unloading, or even walking around the premises. In such cases, the paving contractor can apply different markings to indicate where each kind of traffic is allowed. 

5. Maintaining Clear Drainage Channels 

Paved surfaces tend to develop puddles after heavy rainfall. This is because water tends to collect at the lowest points on the surface. As such, a paving contractor can ensure that your parking lot remains free from puddles by installing and maintaining functional drainage channels for water runoff. 

Are the paved surfaces on your commercial property giving your brand a bad image? Talk to a local paving contractor from a place like Arrow Black Top & Masonry Inc. to spruce it up. 


9 March 2022

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