Types Of Asphalt Pavement Damage That Need Urgent Repair Services


Your pavement is one of the most important areas in your home. Since you possibly run, walk, and drive on it every day, your pavement should be strong and resilient enough to endure all kinds of pressures. One of the most durable and appealing paving options is asphalt paving. However, as they say, no matter how seemingly enduring your asphalt pavement is, it is still prone to damage. Here are the three common asphalt pavement damages and how an asphalt paving contractor can help.

1. Raveling

Raveling occurs when the aggregate particles lose their bond and dislodge from the pavement surface. In most cases, raveling occurs due to age, dust accumulation, excessive wear and tear, or hiring an inexperienced contractor for pavement installation. Raveling minimizes skid resistance and creates loose gravel, which can cause injuries or damage your car. If left unattended, water may collect in the raveled areas and worsen the damage. Your best chance to address the raveling is to enlist the services of a competent asphalt paving contractor. Depending on the size of the damage, they can remove the raveled part and patch it or even do an overlay.

2. Cracking

This is another common asphalt pavement damage. Cracks happen when water seeps between the asphalt pavement particles, causing breaks. Also, continuous exposure to sunlight makes your asphalt pavement brittle, increasing the chances of cracks. A reliable asphalt contractor can seal the cracks to prevent water from causing more pavement damage. They could even sealcoat your asphalt surfaces to keep sunlight and other weather elements from taking a toll on them.

3. Bleeding

Is your pavement abnormally shiny and sticky? If yes, you could be looking at pavement damage called bleeding or flushing. This damage occurs during hot weather when the asphalt binder moves upward to the pavement surface and spreads over a large area. Use of excess asphalt binder during the installation is a common culprit behind bleeding.

Bleeding minimizes skid resistance, which makes your pavement a safety hazard. So you cannot afford to ignore it. An asphalt paving contractor can apply sand to absorb the binder from the surface. But if the bleeding is extreme, they may have to cut the top layer of the asphalt pavement with a grader or plane it. Then, they will resurface the asphalt pavement to ensure it is smooth and beautiful.

4. Other Damages

There are also other pavement damages such as potholes, depression, rutting, stripping, or corrugation. A paving contractor can assess the damage, choose the right repair method, and fix it.

Despite these setbacks, asphalt remains one of the best options for your paving needs. If your pavement has any of the above damages, entrust its repair to a reliable asphalt paving contractor. They have the skills and tools to restore your pavement to its former glory.


9 March 2022

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