Insight To Help You Care For Your Asphalt Pavement Driveway


You may take advantage of the fact that your asphalt driveway provides reliable support to your vehicles and is a great addition to the appearance of your property. However, whether you are installing a new asphalt driveway or you want to keep your existing pavement lasting as long as possible, there are some essential practices you should follow to do this. The following details provide you with some tips for taking care of your asphalt driveway.

Care For the Edges

When you are planning a new asphalt driveway, consider the type of edging you will be able to install to provide support to the pavement. Asphalt is flexible and durable, but the edges can crumble when they are under the weight of a vehicle's tires without a supportive barrier. Driving close to the edge of your pavement can cause your edges to begin crumbling and erode into the surface of your pavement.

Look at the types of materials available to add to the edges of your pavement and choose one that will fit your budget and what you want in the appearance of your landscaping. For example, a gravel apron of the same profile along the edge of your driveway will support vehicle tires as they pass from the pavement to the gravel. You can also install concrete curbing to the edges, which will help with drainage from your asphalt. Brick and stone pavers are also a good supportive material for the edges of your asphalt, which will also give an attractive variance in its appearance.

Protect Your New Surface

Your professional pavement crew will make careful preparation to install your asphalt for a sturdy and long-lasting surface. This includes focusing on details, such as preparing a level and compacted base foundation and applying the asphalt in several layers for managed durability. To further care for your asphalt pavement, make sure you follow their recommendations to protect it from unnecessary damage and wear and tear from the first day of its installation

Allow the pavement to cool and harden for the first few days before you drive your vehicles upon it. The weight of vehicles is too heavy for new soft asphalt and will cause dents and ridges to form on its level surface. And for about the first year, vary the places and positions you park any vehicles on the pavement if you need to use it for parking. This will further prevent sunken spots from appearing, as they can allow water to pool and cause moisture damage cracks to occur. 

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11 March 2022

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