Design Considerations For Your New Driveway


When you are preparing to install a new driveway on your property, there are many features that you will want to plan for so that you can get the most from your investment in this paving work. There are several features that can greatly improve the durability and performance of your driveway, but these features can be easy to overlook for a homeowner that has not carefully planned for this upgrade. 

Protecting The Driveway From Root Damage

Water is one of the leading causes of damage to driveways, and homeowners may be aware of the need to protect it. However, they may fail to appreciate that the roots growing below the pavement can also pose problems for it. When large roots grow under the pavement, they can put a lot of pressure on it, and this pressure may cause the pavement to warp or crack. In addition to installing root barriers along the sides of the pavement, it can also be worthwhile to place a thick layer of gravel under the pavement before pouring the asphalt. This gravel will act as a cushion, which can negate the pressure that large roots may put on the pavement when they grow under it.

Lighting Along The Edges Of The Driveway

Installing lighting systems along the edge of the driveway can improve visibility and make it less likely that individuals will inadvertently drive off the edge of the driveway. These lighting systems can be solar-powered, which can avoid the need to wire this system to the home's power grid. LED strip lights can be a popular option that will illuminate the entire edge of the driveway while also requiring very little power to function. Some of these systems may even support programmable colors, which can help when you are decorating your house for holidays or other festivities.

Including Side Gutters And Drains On The Surface Of The Driveway

Managing the flow of runoff from the driveway will be a necessary design consideration as uncontrolled runoff can contribute to damage to the pavement by removing the soil that supports it. Gutters along the sides of the driveway can help to direct this water to the storm drain or other safe area where it will be unable to damage the driveway. Drains built into the surface of the driveway can also help to protect it by making it harder for water to pool on it. However, these drains will need to be in lower areas so that the water on the pavement will flow to them.

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25 March 2022

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