Your Parking Lot, Sealcoating, And Routine Maintenance


An asphalt parking lot can be important to your business. When a parking lot looks well-kept, then it provides your customers with their first look at your business as they pull in. Their first impression will be a good one. On the other hand, if you have an old parking lot with potholes and cracks welcoming your customers, then they can lose faith in your business's ability to offer them quality products and/or services. It doesn't take much to keep your parking lot in good condition, but it does require some regular maintenance you won't want to procrastinate on. Here is information on sealcoating, and its importance for your parking lot, as well as some additional tips.

What sealcoating is made from

The seal coat material is made from things like acrylics and bituminous products. They are combined with things like water, silica sand, polymer additives, and other fillers. The contents come together to create a product that can be easily applied to the surface of asphalt using different methods, with brush or squeegee applications being two of the most common. 

What sealcoating can do

Sealcoating is done to asphalt when it is starting to show signs of weakening caused by things like age and UV exposure. While sealcoating isn't done to take care of repairs, it can end up filling in small cracks, causing them to become unnoticeable and also helping to prevent them from becoming larger. When sealcoating is applied to the surface, it adds a protective layer to the parking lot, protecting it from further UV damage, oils, water, and other threats. Sealcoating also gives the asphalt a newer look that looks similar to how it looks when it has been freshly paved. 

What can be done on an ongoing basis

Along with having the asphalt sealcoated as needed, you also want to keep the surface clean by having a schedule you follow. This way, cleaning it becomes a regular part of business and this can prevent it from looking horrible before you realize it. You can clean it quickly by using a weed blower, or a high-powered garden hose nozzle. Also, when you are having the rest of your business's exterior power washed, you should consider having it include the parking lot as well. This can help keep up with the removal of stains. Once you have the parking lot sealcoated, you will also want to have all the striping repainted on the surface to ensure the parking lot is a safer space with fewer parking incidences.

Reach out to a parking lot sealcoating company for more information.


22 June 2022

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