Cold Mix Asphalt: Can It Temporarily Repair Your Patio?


If you plan to redo your cracked asphalt patio next summer, you may look for a temporary way to patch it right now. You may even consider using hot mix asphalt to do the job. Although hot asphalt is a good option for you, you can also ask a paving contractor about cold mix asphalt. Cold mix asphalt works well on temporary jobs. Learn more about cold mix asphalt and why it may be a good way to temporarily repair your patio below. 

What's Cold Mix Asphalt?

Although hot asphalt is the go-to material for homeowners around the United States, the material works best in hot conditions or times of the year. Homeowners who need to patch or seal defects in their asphalt pavement in the winter may need to wait until summer to complete their repairs. You don't need to wait until summer or when the temperature is high to temporarily repair your pavement. You can make the repairs you need with cold mix asphalt. 

Cold mix asphalt contains unique ingredients that make it ideal for cold weather repairs. The ingredients prevent the material from curing too fast or too quickly after application. Hot asphalt cools down quickly in cold temperatures. 

In addition, cold mix asphalt works well with crack fillers. Pavers use crack fillers to seal asphalt after it becomes cracked. However, crack fillers require time to dry properly. Cold mix asphalt forms a protective shield over crack fillers so that the treatment can dry properly. 

If you think cold mix asphalt will make a great temporary fix for your cracked patio, reach out to a paving contractor soon. 

How Do You Apply Cold Mix Asphalt?

A paving contractor will examine your patio's pavement before they repair it. If the patio contains large cracks in it that won't repair easily with cold mix asphalt, a contractor may suggest you wait until the weather warms up to replace it. Your patio may get worse, even with the right repairs.

If your patio's pavement can wait until summer to repair with hot asphalt, a contractor can go ahead and repair it with cold mix asphalt. The defects in your patio's pavement may not be severe enough to cause extensive damage to the structure. A contractor can simply seal the cracks with filler and cover them with cold mix asphalt to solve your problems.

If you need temporary repairs for your asphalt patio soon, contact a paving contractor like Bentley Paving and Masonry.


16 August 2022

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