Completing An Asphalt Paving Project


Asphalt is a versatile paving material that can be an effective solution for a variety of projects that will require a durable layer of pavement to be poured.

Asphalt Can Be Suitable For Walkways And Driveways 

Individuals will often think of roads, parking lots, and driveways when they are assessing uses for asphalt pavement. However, asphalt can also be an effective option to use for walkways. While individuals may tend to use concrete for the pathing needs of their property, asphalt can be a durable and affordable alternative.

Additionally, this will allow the property owner to take advantage of the unique ability of asphalt to rapidly cure so that the path can be used much more quickly after it has been poured.

Asphalt Supports Effective Ice Mitigation System

Ice control is an important responsibility for any paved surface. During the winter months, ice can easily form on these surfaces, and this may lead to them becoming dangerously slippery. Asphalt can be effective at letting heat travel through it, and this can make it well-suited for use with ice melting systems. These systems can gradually warm the asphalt so that any ice or snow that has been collected on them will be able to melt away.

Many of these systems will use electric heating elements to warm the pavement, but some may actually circulate warm water under the pavement to passively warm it. The option that will be best for your home will largely depend on the amount of winter precipitation that your property receives, the average temperature in the winter, and the size of the paved area.

Edge Lighting Can Be Beneficial For Any Paved Surface

Whenever you are preparing for a paving project, it can be useful to include lighting along the edges of the pavement. When you are designing the paved surface, you can include perimeter lighting along the edges of the pavement, which can reduce the risk of accidentally tripping by unexpectedly stepping off the pavement or even driving your vehicle off the edges of it. These lights can be simple LEDs that will require minimal power to function, and they may be built directly into the pavement.

As an added benefit, it may be possible to power them with small solar panels that can be installed next to them, which can avoid the need to install a wiring connection to the home or to pay for the power that they will require. This can be an economical and discrete upgrade that can help to make your property significantly safer.

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15 September 2022

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