Six Things You Shouldn't Assume About Custom Headstones


Custom headstones are a great choice for memorializing a deceased loved one. You should learn about the benefits of custom headstones when you are making cemetery plot plans for a loved one. Don't make assumptions that discourage you from choosing a custom headstone until you've done your research.

The following are six things you shouldn't assume about custom headstones. 

Custom headstones will be too expensive

If you do some research and compare your options among custom headstone manufacturers, you can find a custom headstone option that is affordable.

Custom headstones do not necessarily have to cost significantly more than standard headstones because headstones can be easily customized nowadays with technologies such as laser engraving. 

Custom headstones will take too long to produce

You should not be discouraged from ordering a custom headstone because you assume it will take a long time for a custom headstone to be produced.

It should not take significantly longer to have a headstone customized than it would take to order a standard headstone. Compare the production timeframes of several manufacturers to find a custom headstone maker that can have your headstone ready when you need it. 

It's difficult to find a custom headstone manufacturer

Custom headstones are popular, so manufacturers that produce customized headstones are easy to find. You can find a custom headstone maker online or by discussing your headstone needs with your funeral director.

Producing a design for a custom headstone is complicated

You will be surprised at how easy it is to create a custom headstone. Manufacturers will work with you and consult with you to produce a customized design. You will be able to view the design in advance and decide on details like text, graphics, headstone material, and headstone shape. 

Custom headstones require more maintenance than standard headstones

Of course, you're going to want to maintain the headstone for your loved one's gravesite through the years. Custom headstones typically do require some maintenance including cleanings and periodic inspection. 

You should discuss maintenance requirements with your headstone manufacturer. A custom headstone may be easier for you to maintain since you can choose the materials and headstone shape that have the least amount of maintenance requirements if you prefer. 

Custom headstones are less durable than standard headstones

You might be concerned that a custom headstone will be more fragile and less durable than a standard headstone. However, this is not necessarily the case. Discuss headstone durability with the headstone manufacturer you work with so that you can choose the most durable design available to avoid damage through the years. 

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7 October 2022

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