2 Reasons Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Is Important For Your Business's Asphalt Parking Lot


While you may not really think about it, your business's parking lot gives one of the first impressions to potential customers. When its kept in good condition, customers do not feel hesitant to take their vehicles into the lot.

Even if the parking lot was paved within the last year or so, you need to take steps to keep it looking fresh and free from damage. Consider a couple of the reasons discussed below why you should have a professional service perform regularly scheduled preventative maintenance on your business's asphalt parking lot.

1. They Will Thoroughly Clean the Pavement's Surface to Prevent Breakdown of the Sealcoating and Asphalt

One reason why you should have an asphalt service perform regular maintenance on your parking lot is that they will thoroughly clean the pavement's surface. Eventually, oil, grease, and gas will land on the surface and, if allowed to remain, will eat away at the sealcoating and asphalt.

While you could try to clean it yourself, a professional service has access to industrial-strength cleaners that are meant to cut through the grease and petroleum products. If done regularly, this cleaning will protect the parking lot's surface from deterioration. 

2. They Will Check for and Fill in Any Minor Cracks to Keep Them from Growing and Turning into Potholes

Another task that is performed during professional preventative maintenance that is important for improving your parking lot's appearance and longevity is examing the surface for minor cracking. If even minor cracks are left unrepaired, exposure to inclement weather and the weight of vehicles will cause them to grow into potholes.

After the service cleans the surface of the asphalt pavement, they will then carefully inspect it to see if there are any cracks present. If they do find any, they can fill them to protect the damaged areas and keep them from getting any larger.

When you have a professional service come in and perform preventative maintenance on your business's asphalt parking lot, doing so can extend the life of the pavement by having grease, oil, and gas stains removed from the surface. They can also find minor cracks and fill them in so that they do not get any larger and create possible potholes in the parking lot. For more information about this topic or to schedule an appointment, contact a business in your area that offers asphalt maintenance services for commercial parking lots.


11 January 2023

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