2 Kinds Of Pavement Marking Paint


Making sure that your parking lot is marked correctly is important. Otherwise, people will park willy-nilly in your lot and drive all over the place. That isn't safe for anyone and isn't a good use of the space in your parking lot. That isn't professional looking, and you want to make a good first impression, starting with your parking lot. You can talk to a paving company about what you can do to make that happen anymore. They can mark parking spaces and lanes in your parking lot so people only go where they should. When you talk to the paving company, ask them about the different kinds of paint that can be used on your parking lot. 

Acrylic Paint

Most parking lot markings are made with acrylic paint, especially on asphalt parking lots. Asphalt is made up of bitumen and aggregate. Bitumen is a petroleum product, and it is vulnerable to other petroleum products, like oil and gas. Those things will cause the asphalt to break down and need to be repaired. Acrylic paint is water-based, so it gets rid of that issue. The acrylic paint tends to dry much faster, so your parking lot doesn't have to be blocked off for long waiting for the paint to dry. It also tends to last a longer time than some other options. Part of that is that acrylic is flexible so it can move with the paving material. One drawback to using acrylic paint is that it needs to be applied when the weather is warm. Otherwise, it may not dry. The paint can come in various colors, and reflective material can be added so that people can see the markings in the dark. 

Thermoplastic Paint

Strictly speaking, thermoplastic paint isn't paint. It is tiny pellets of plastic that melt at a specific temperature. When the thermoplastic melts, it can be applied just like any paint. The nice thing about thermoplastic paint is that it can be easily freehanded. When the plastic cools, it solidifies and hangs onto the parking lot. Thermoplastics can also come in precut shapes that need a heating gun to apply. 

If you need to make sure that your parking lot is marked correctly, you need to contact a paving company. When you talk to them, ask them what kind of paint would be the best to use on your parking lot. They will tell you what they should use on your parking lot and why. For more information on pavement marking, contact a professional near you.


27 March 2023

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