4 Critical Reasons To Get Asphalt Sealing For A Parking Lot


Commercial property owners have a variety of responsibilities. Parking lot maintenance should be important to them because it could result in new customers or loss of business. Consumers might be leery of conducting business at a location with a parking lot that looks unkept. They might fear being a victim of criminal activity or their vehicles getting damaged.

Some parking lots do not have extensive physical damage such as potholes. However, they might have a drab appearance due to fading and minor cracks. This is likely due to the lot needing an asphalt seal coat. Some property owners may feel as though it is an unnecessary service.

The following points highlight a few benefits of asphalt sealing services. 

Increased Lifespan

Asphalt sealing will increase the lifespan of a parking lot because it serves as a protective barrier to the underlying asphalt. It strengthens the material. If a lot does not have seal coating or needs a  new application, it will be susceptible to damage. Damage can occur from water intrusion, fluid spills, foot traffic, or the weight of vehicles. 

Protection from Fluid Leaks

Property owners cannot control the condition of the vehicles that come to their properties. Some individuals have vehicles that need repairs. They may leak fluids that can be damaging to asphalt. However, if asphalt sealing has been performed, the fluids will not be able to seep through into the sublayer of the paving where they can deteriorate the asphalt. 

Protection from Water Damage

A parking lot with asphalt sealing will be able to thwart water damage. This is important during rainy and snow seasons. If water penetrates through unsealed asphalt, it will enter into the sublayer and start damages that will eventually lead to cracks. The cracks will expand unless they are filled and seal-coated. In advanced stages, alligator cracking or potholes will develop. Seal coating is the best option to prevent these damages.

Improve Business Reputation

Commercial properties should not want to be known in their communities as having a rough-looking parking lot. It is possible for some individuals to reference a commercial property location as "the one with the bad parking lot". Some prospective customers may not try to see what a business is like because they will form their initial opinion based on the exterior of the location.

A paving contractor is a good resource to use to learn more about the importance of routine asphalt sealing. They can offer advice to commercial property owners regarding the frequency of when the seal coat needs to be applied. 


11 April 2023

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