Why Use Mill And Overlay Asphalt Resurfacing?


If you have an old asphalt surface around your office building, then it might have started to show signs of wear and damage. While some old surfaces need to be replaced, you can fix some problems with a mill and overlay procedure.

How does this type of resurfacing work? Why should you consider using it?

What Is Mill and Overlay Resurfacing?

A mill and overlay process allows you to restore an old or damaged asphalt surface without replacing it. This process deals with damage on a surface level.

At the start of the job, your contractor uses a special milling machine to grind off the top of the asphalt. The depth they go down depends on the surface's condition.

For example, they might only need to mill a small amount off the top of the surface to fix cosmetic wear. However, they will need to go deeper if the surface has more significant damage such as cracks or potholes.

Once they have removed this top layer, they level out and prepare the underlying surface. They then install a new layer of asphalt on top of it. This layer bonds with the existing asphalt and creates a new surface.

Why Use a Mill and Overlay Procedure?

Sometimes, asphalt surfaces start to wear. They lose their color and look dilapidated. They don't create a good look around business premises.

Minor damage can also be problematic. While you can fix a crack or pothole as it appears, each repair makes the asphalt look patchy. The new asphalt you use to make a repair will have a stronger and more vibrant color than your old surface.

Plus, if the top layer of your surface is old and worn, then you might have to make regular repairs. This part of your surface might be weak and more prone to damage.

In these cases, a mill and overlay fixes your problem fast. You improve the appearance of your surface and remove weak materials which keep developing cracks or holes.

This is a cheaper process than a full surfacing replacement. You don't have to dig up all the asphalt and put down new materials. You simply shave off the top and replace it.

This work also has environmental benefits. Your contractor won't waste the materials they mill off your surface, they collect them to use on other construction jobs.

To see if your surface is suitable for this procedure, talk to commercial asphalt contractors.


12 May 2023

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